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Premium Espresso Machine with Grinder

(20 customer reviews)

On-Sale Date

11th of October, 2023

Model Number



1 Year



Product Description

This premium, high-quality espresso machine is ideal for creating your perfect morning cup of coffee. Choose between 15 grind settings on the built-in conical burr grinder to generate excellent and consistent results every time.

The volume, temperature and number of shots can be customised as desired, while the included steam wand means that you can make delicious frothed or steamed milk for any number of espresso-based beverages; cappuccinos, flat whites, lattes, and many, many more!

Product Specs
  • 315 x 329 x 410 mm (with bean hopper, without portafilter)
  • 9.0 kg
  • Stainless steel & plastic espresso coffee maker with an integrated conical burr grinder.
  • On-demand one-touch grind system.
  • 250g hopper capacity conical burr grinder.
  • 15 adjustable grind settings.
  • 15bar CEME ULKA EP5 solenoid pump, 9 bar extraction pressure.
  • Thermo block heating system.
  • Large White LCD display, integrated knob.
  • PID temperature control and auto purge function for optimum extraction temperature.
  • Integrated control panel.
  • Adjustable coffee volume of cup size (Switzerland flow meter).
  • Automatic purge function.
  • 360-degree swivel action steam wand.
  • 2.3L transparent & detachable water tank.
  • Detachable drip tray & S.S drip tray cover.
  • 3 coffee temperature selections – low, medium, high.
  • 3 automatic shut off timer (9mins, 30mins, 3hrs).
  • Water hardness setting, descaling alert, self-cleaning function.
  • Overheating and over-pressure protection.
  • Accessories: 58mm S.S die casting portafilter, double layer single and double cup S.S coffee filters, polished metal tamper, cleaning tool, brush, 450ml stainless steel milk jug.
  • Espresso Machine
  • Portafilter
  • Milk Jug
  • Tamper
  • 2 Espresso Filter Baskets
  • Brush
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Coffee Guide
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card


PID Temperature

Built in
Burr Grinder

Steam Wand


20 reviews for Premium Espresso Machine with Grinder

  1. Paul Shepherd

    We have continuously used this machine and impressed with its reliability and ease. Our to young teenagers without fuss. Though cleaning the machine after use us a struggle, but hey so is picking up your towel😜. Keep it clean and it works a treat.

    It has paid for itself and we will be on the look out to replace it with the next model when it is time. Only hassle has been the portafila handle becoming loose and needed retightening. Used average 6 cups daily.

  2. Scott

    Hi, we have loved ours, but now the burs seem to have run their race and no longer want to grind the way they did when we first used it. We have it set at 4.5 for our shots, but instead of taking 7 seconds to fill the single it takes about 15 seconds. Can we obtain more burs, and can we fit them ourselves or do we have to send it back under warranty?
    Kind regards,

    • Customer Service

      Hi Scott, thanks for your post, sorry to hear the grinder is having some issues. Please contact us on 1300 886 649 so we can run through some things with you, we can replace the grinder if necessary. Kind regards, Tempo Customer Service.

  3. Jess M

    This machine is great, it made amazing coffee, simple to use as well.

    One problem though… The grinder was touch and go. Then after 2 months grinder had completely seized. I work with coffee and cleaned out grinder multiple times but it kept failing on me. It’s a BIG SAD. I really loved this machine and I was sad to see it go 🙁

    • Customer Service

      Hi Jess,

      Sorry to hear about the problem with the grinder. It’s rare that they fail, but we do have replacement grinders in stock to send out if needed. It sounds like you’ve already returned your machine but in the future don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team to arrange spare parts if needed.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Service

  4. Shannon

    I purchased my machine from Aldi 12 Oct, brought it home and setup the grinder and it worked for two grinds then stopped. I was directed to contact Tempo and after several attempts to speak to someone, I was told to just take the machine back or watch the Youtube video. It took a great deal of effort to convince the person that the grinder was broken. I was reluctantly given a ref number and told a service tech would call within a few days. After two weeks there was no call and I called again and was then told that I would have to drive 2hr round trip and drop the machine to be looked at or I could pay a courier to deliver it. And there was no guarantee that the machine could be fixed or how long it might take. Where I bought it they are out of stock and will not get any more, so I cannot take it back. The coffee machine does make a brilliant coffee, but the warranty/support experience has left a bad taste and I will never buy a product that is supported by ever again.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Shannon,

      I am so, so sorry to hear about your experience with this product. I have flagged your comment with our After Sales Support team – someone should be in touch shortly. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Service

  5. Kim Hanson

    What a cracker of a machine, I’m sorry i left it sitting on the floor in the box for 2 weeks while i finished my pods, truth is I had visitors coming that are coffee nuts, read all the instructions and took my time to put it together properly & no problems with anything, i use mountain grown beans, and rain water in my tank, with full cream milk & I consider it perfect, but my mate says that i make the milk too hot, so I’ll experiment with that, but I’m as happy as, thanks Aldi.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Kim,

      I am so glad to hear you are enjoying your new coffee machine! We strive to make our products the best they can be, and we’re so glad to hear we hit the mark for you.

      If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask!

      Kindest regards,
      Customer Service

  6. Charlie

    If you are causing the grinder to stop working I believe you have the grind too fine. I’ve had the same experience. East to remove hopper & top grinder then empty all grinds.. this includes a teaspoon from below & some gentle persuasion from above. When reassembled it should work, but don’t try to grind that coffee so fine. Perhaps a firmer tamp will be required when grinding a little coarser. I like the machine

  7. Sharon Connor

    I bought my coffee machine on the 12th Oct but didn’t open it till the 22nd Oct unpacked and set it up went to make coffee and noticed the filter baskets have no holes for the water to drip through, I rang sales support on 24th and was told to send pictures so I text the photos to the mobile they supplied and was told will get a call back that day. I received no call so I rang back then was told it takes 2 days and then they will call also the lady told me to watch the video on how to use the machine, I told her how? when the coffee and water has no place to go. I’m still waiting for the call 3 days later how many times do you have to ring sales support before they attend to your complaint about a default in the product.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Sharon, thanks for your message. The Stirling coffee machine uses a double wall portafilter basket, with one small hole for the brewed coffee to pass through under pressure. The double wall portafilter is designed to control the flow volume and pressure for the best coffee result. To the untrained eye, it can appear like there is nowhere for the coffee to flow. We suggest trying the machine, and trust you will love the coffee it produces.

  8. Sue Christensen

    Bought the machine on Wednesday Aldi special 12th October in Canberra while holidaying. Now at home and first used 24th October and after one day the grinder has stopped working. I have spent 3 hours off and on today trying to see what is wrong, it worked the first day, cleaned the machine down as per instructions after making 2 coffees and today grinder not working. At first it was clogged up underneath so released the grinds, cleaned around the grinding mill and where it sits and it is aligned with the two arrows. I used level 3 grinding the first day, Tried different grinding levels today but still not working. Makes all the right noises, counts down and stops grinding but nothing comes out. Grinds all stacked inside the grinding mill. Any ideas.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Sue,

      I am so, so sorry to hear about your experience with this product. I would recommend contacting our After Sales Support Team on 1300 112 534 (Monday to Saturday 8:30am – 6pm) for help with troubleshooting.

      If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Service

  9. J. Milazzo

    This machine is great value! – small issue with the grinder working as the beans don’t drop in continuously. This is after i have followed the grinder setup as per instructions & tried again. Have to bang the hopper with my hand make sure more beans drop in for grinding.

  10. Lucy McGrory

    I would like someone to contact me please

    • Customer Service

      Hi Lucy,

      I have passed your information on to our After Sales Support Team. However, if you would like to contact them directly, you can call on 1300 112 534 (Monday to Saturday 8:30am – 6pm).

      If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to let us know!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Service

  11. Steve

    Just bought this machine was looking forward to a coffee but I cannot get the flamin grinder to work.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Steve,

      I am so sorry to hear about your experience with this product. One thing that is key when using this grinder is making sure that everything is aligned properly when assembling it. Please see the video at the bottom of this product page (just above the review section and feature icons) – at about the 30-second mark there is an in-depth explanation of assembling the grinder and the necessary alignments.

      If you have any further questions, please contact our after sales support team on 1300 112 534 (Monday to Saturday 8:30am – 6pm).

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Service

  12. GORDON Neilson

    Grinder stop working , VERY DISAPPOINTING will be taking this back for full refund. Sorry Aldi and Sterling but not happy as was looking forward to owning this machine and was so excited.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Gordon,

      I am so sorry to hear about your experience with this product. One thing that is key when using this grinder is making sure that everything is aligned properly when assembling it. Please see the video at the bottom of this product page (just above the review section and feature icons) – at about the 30-second mark there is an in-depth explanation of assembling the grinder and the necessary alignments.

      If you have any further questions, please contact our after sales support team on 1300 112 534 (Monday to Saturday 8:30am – 6pm).

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Service

  13. GORDON

    Had this for two days grinder stopped working will take back for refund

  14. Charlie B

    Espresso is great. Grinder & steam great. Huge tank but no replaceable filter built in. Awkward removing portafilter from grinder when full of ground coffee. 61mm portafilter with 3 lugs is non standard so I can’t find a bottomless portafilter. For the price is brilliant.. half the price of competition.

  15. Chantelle Ramirez

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got this coffee machine. We have a similar one at work that cost three times the amount. Imagine my surprise when I got home and realised the quality is on par. I’m so pleased to have a machine at home that makes café quality coffee, it saves me money and time getting ready in the mornings. I’d recommend this product to any coffee lover.

  16. Lyndal Taylor

    I’ve upgraded from my previous POD coffee machine and really happy with the change. It took a little practice to get the grind settings right to suit my beans and how I like my coffee but it was a fun process, especially now that I’ve perfected it! Can’t wait to have the girls over for our next coffee catch up.

  17. Geoff Coombes OAM

    WOW! Mornings at my place just got a whole lot better.

    Having worked as a barista, this compact, stylish little home espresso machine is amazing. The built in grinder delivers a perfect grind every time (…remember to always use good quality / fresh beans) and the steamer helps create the perfect milk / foam. My morning macchiato and kids hot chocolates have never been so easy.

    Might have to buy one of the folks for Christmas.

  18. Maurice Reynolds

    This is a very easy machine to use and the end result tasted perfect, we are very happy with it and would recommend to anyone.

  19. Janelle Cooper

    Excellent value, well built, performs fantastic.
    This coffee machine makes an excellent coffee if you are a coffee enthusiast or want to be a home barista this machine is for you. Worth every dollar!
    You need to choose a good coffee bean and start playing with the grinder knob to set to the right grind. Depending on the coffee the grind varies.
    This is the fun part as you get to play with the machine.
    The other setting to adjust is the time of the coffee to be dispensed. I grind on setting 8 and works fine for my coffee brand.
    Now you have to set the time of brewing which is important I do 75 seconds and works fine.
    Frothing the milk is easy.

  20. Sheldon Davy

    What a cracking machine. I didn’t have the bean hopper set up properly at first so the grinder wasn’t working (needs to have the arrows lined up), once I realised what I had done it worked perfectly. My wife is so happy to have barista made coffee at home and I’m really enjoying trying out different beans and styles of coffee.

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